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We specialize in Payroll, HR, & Benefits for small US companies and global companies with small US populations.

With availability to provide a wide range of business-critical payroll-related managed services from Full Payroll, HR and Benefits Outsourcing to standalone processing for Tax, Garnishments, Legal Orders, Third Party Payments, ad hoc Payments, and US Printing & Distribution services including W2s and 1099s.

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Our services

Payroll Services


  • Integration Monitoring
  • Manual updates (ad hoc)

Payroll Execution

  • Payroll Preview (Payroll Control Center Validation checks)
  • Corrections
  • Internal Control Reports

Post Payroll

  • Integrations to Banks, Vendors, Tax and Other systems
  • Payroll Reconciliation Reports
  • Payroll postings to Finance

Off-cycle Payrolls

  • Ad Hoc & Corrections Processing
  • Bonus Processing
  • Quarter-End and Year-End Adjustments

Tax & Garnishment Services

Tax Management

  • Set-up and Manage Tax Agencies Accounts
  • Tax Reconciliation and Payments
  • Periodic Tax reconciliations
  • Periodic Tax Filing [Monthly, Quarterly & Annual]
  • Handling of Tax Notices
  • Annual Year-End W-2 processing


  • Garnishment set-up
  • Garnishment order management
  • Garnishment reconciliation and payments
  • Garnishment Required Responses

Other Services

  • Set-up of new pay codes
  • Adjustment of Existing codes
  • Application of Tax updates
  • Preparation for Year-end activities
  • Managing Year-end tasks
  • Mergers and Acquisitions:
  • Third Party Payment Services [Tax, Garnishment, & Benefit Vendors]
  • Distributions [Payslips, Checks, Tax Forms, Garnishment Forms]
  • Retiree Communications
  • Retiree Benefits and HR Data
  • Access to Paystubs for Terminated Employees
  • Access to W2’s for Terminated Employees

Human Resources Support Services

  • Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Talent Management
  • Off-boarding
  • Workers’ Comp Support

Benefits Support Services

  • Benefits Administration Support [30 carriers & 9000+ plans for selection]
  • Health, Dental, HSA, FSA & Vision plans
  • Life & Disability Insurance plans
  • Retirement including 401k, 403b, IRA plans
  • College Savings, Commuter & Auto-Saving plans
  • Annual Enrollment/Renewal Plan Support

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US Processing Center

Employee Managed Services, dba EMS-PAY
4780 Ashford Dunwoody Road,
Suite 540 #617
Atlanta, GA  30338-5504

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